Why Ututored?

Ututored was created by college students for college students. With the cost of education skyrocketing, our mission is to provide college students with the opportunity to help each other through it. Unlike other tutoring services that nickel and dime students and take up to 20% of their tutor’s earnings, we charge tutors just enough to cover hosting costs, and students pay NOTHING to use our service. We know your budget is tight, so we’ve cut pricing down to the bare minimum. It’s time that education becomes centered around the student rather than business. We offer an opportunity to cash in on your hard work and success in the classroom and to offer affordable tutoring to others. We’re trying to change the education game, and we’re glad you’re part of it.

Ututored Other Tutoring Services
Free for Students Transaction fees, Service Fees
$1.99/month for tutors. For a flat rate of 2 bucks a month, we connect you with thousands of students who need help. Take up to 20% in service fees meaning you may be paying hundreds of dollars every month
Tutors who know how to ace your specific class Tutors not familiar with specific course content
Great Support team, Student and Tutor focused Focused on profits, not Students and Tutors

How it works


Request a tutor

Select the class you need help with and when you’re available.


Connect with available tutors

Tutors who can help will respond allowing you to find the best fit


Choose a tutor and ace the class

Pick a time and a place on campus to meet and get your questions answered



Browse Tutors

view all registered tutors or search by class.


Choose the right tutor for you

choose the tutor you think is the best fit